Global Warming and Our Future…..

At this time, even anybody knows English or not, He must have listened a word Global Warming. Global warming is not anything else, It is simple as its name, the situation of warming of Globe. Why our earth is getting warmer more day by day. Still you should remember, How funny were the days of Winter and What is the joy of Summer. But now due to temperature imbalance (Global Warming) every climate is like punishment.
I have just logged onto Facebook and saw a status written by Tekendra Sir referenced NASA, Look at our future and your future. We are struggling this much on our future but where is our future. If the same situation remains our temperature will reach 60o Celsius after few year.
I request you all to save all of us from this situation by providing little effort from your end. Some of the small but not minor helps can be following from your end.
Save Paper at your work, home, school etc.
Save trees around you and try to keep your environment clean and green.
Try to save electricity by using CFL bulbs instead of normal bulbs consuming more energy and produce more heat.
Don’t use AC, Refrigerator and such CFC gas producing equipments without need.
Try to aware people about Global warming and precautions to reduce it.
I specially request all science students to aware people about this. Your this effort may be great help for our earth and future.

Indroduction to MS DOS

MS-DOS (Microsoft disc operating system)

MS-DOS is a command based single user, single tasking operating system by Microsoft. This is very popular and useful operating system and widely used operating system also. Microsoft gifts MS-DOS free with current versions of Windows. It can also defined as “An operating system used on all personal computers and compatibles. As with other operating systems, such as OS/2, it translates user keyboard input into operations the computer can perform.” MS-DOS can be easily accessed by using the command prompt interface, while MS-DOS-based programs can be accessed through the use of shortcuts on the desktop.

How to Start MS DOS?

You can open MS-DOS in two ways. These are as following:
  1. Click on Start → Programs → Accessories → Command Prompt.
  2. Click on Start → Run → type command → OK.

    Click on Start → Run → type cmd →OK.
    Hit Ctrl+Enter to enter full screen mode.

FM Radios are added to our Media Center...


I have a good news, We have added Live streaming FM Radios of Far-Western Nepal in our Media Center. And we are adding more Radio Stations and TV Channels which are popular and are of requirement.
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Keywords in C Language

Today I am back here to share all the keywords of C language with you.
Keywords are predefined or reserved words which are used for a particular task like to declare a variable, or to return values, looping, etc. We use these keywords in various way.
  1. AUTO
  2. BREAK
  3. CASE
  4. CHAR
  5. CONST
  8. DO
  10. ELSE
  11. ENUM
  12. EXTERN
  13. FLOAT
  14. FOR
  15. GOTO
  16. IF
  17. INT
  18. LONG
  20. RETURN
  21. SHORT
  22. SIGNED
  23. SIZEOF
  24. STATIC
  25. STRUCT
  26. SWITCH
  28. UNION
  30. VOID
  32. WHILE
These keywords are used to define variable and call function and to do all basic tasks that can be done using ‘C’.
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Data Types in C Language

As in earlier posts I have introduced you with C Language. C language is the worlds most used and very powerful language for making Windows Application also Unix and Linux applications.

We have basically five data types in C Language. These are as following:

Character: char

Integer: int

Float: float

Double: double

Void: void

Simple Program Adding Two Veriables

Here is a simple program that will print sum of two variables. As you learnt in previous post, you will include header file(s) then open body of program.



void main()


int a=5,b=7,c;


printf("Sum of Two Number is %d.",c);



We will discuss about data types in next post. Keep checking.

Introduction to C Language

C is a general-purpose computer programming language developed between 1969 and 1973 by Dennis Ritchie at the Bell Telephone Laboratories for use with the Unix operating system.C is one of the most popular programming languages of all time and there are very few computer architectures for which a C compiler does not exist. C has greatly influenced many other popular programming languages, most notably C++, which began as an extension to C.

Structure of C Program

This is simple example program written in C language and details are described with Line as comments.

      #include        //Header Files  
      void main()           //Main Function
      {                  // Opening Parenthesis
      printf("Hello World.");      //Statement
      }                    // Closing Parenthesis

Here in above program // are used to write comments.
Above program will display Hello World.
# sign is called Pre-processor and used to process files included at first. We included two header files above. Since we have put these files against # (Pre-processos) C Compiler first process Header files and then Program.
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About Microsoft Excel 2003

Hi All,
I am going to introduce you with Microsoft Excel in brief. Sorry for those who already knew it more.
Microsoft Excel is an Spreadsheet program that is a member of MS Office. Spreadsheet is an electronic sheet that allows you to enter and store data in grid format in computer system. Spreadsheet is electronic version of Accountants book which contains a lot of cells. This has feature to calculate, auto-update, store and retrieve and easy to use GUI tools for operating software. MS-Excel is mainly used for mathematical, statistic and data entry purpose. This is most powerful tool of MS-Office package.
Features of Excel:
Following are the features of MS-Excel.
  1. Easy to use GUI Windows platform and Menu driven concept.
  2. So many functions and formulae for easy calculation and data records.
  3. Can be used as Database and is also supports multiple file formats which helps you to open varieties of document in single application.
  4. Also supports Charts and Tables.
  5. Online and offline support for user about Application and its contents.
  6. Document can be shared through out network that is a concept of multi-user.
  7. Data Import and Export feature.
  8. Templates and Designs for pleasant look.
  9. Understands different formats of number such as date, time, currency, normal etc.

How to Start MS-Excel 2003

You can open Microsoft Excel in two ways:
  • Go to Start  Click on Programs/All Programs  Choose Microsoft Office  Choose Microsoft Office Excel 2003.
  • Go to Start  Click on Run  Type excel in open box  click OK.
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    John Bhatt

Terminology Related to Excel….

Some important terms related to Microsoft Excel.
  • Cell: A rectangular shape made by intersection of Row and Column grid.
  • Row: Horizontal group of Cells.
  • Column: Vertical group of cells.
  • Worksheet: A electronic spreadsheet made of 65536 rows and 256 columns.
  • Work Book: A collection of one or more Worksheets.
  • Range: Selection of cells.
  • Cell Address: Unique location of cell that is composed of Column name followed by Row number. Eg. A1, C65536, IV65536 etc.

Microsoft Excel 2003 Intro and Specifications….

General Introduction

Application Name: excel.exe
Default File Format: .xls
Also Supports: .csv, .dbf, .html, .mhtml, .xml, .dif etc.
Application Version: 11.xxxx.xxxx
Application Title: Microsoft Office Excel 2003
Application Vendor: Microsoft Corporation, USA.

Technical Info

Total Rows: 65536
Total Columns: 256
Default Cell Width: 8.43
Default Cell Height: 12.75
Default Worksheets: 3
Maximum Worksheets in a Book: Limited by Memory (Unlimited).
Minimum Worksheets in a Workbook: 1

MS Word 2003 - Introduction

Definition: A full-featured word processing program for Windows and Mac from Microsoft.
Application Name: winword.exe
File Format: .doc
Also support: .txt, .rtf, etc
  1. It reduced retyping and error free hard copy of your document.
  2. Faster output speed.
  3. Reduced the amount required in proof reading.
  4. Make office work convenient and easy.
  5. Elimination of stationary wastes like paper, inks and power also.
Features of MS-Word:
  1. Preparation, storing, retrieve, editing and printing of documents.
  2. Automatically formats text according to real need.
  3. Find, Replace, Mail, Spelling and Grammar, File merge, Column handling, graphics facility, calculation with tables and so many such features.
  4. Security issues with your documents.

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